Growing up as a dancer, I formed an intimate relationship with the human body its ability to express. Years after having to quit dancing, I taught myself the art of photography in the hopes to find a new way to express my vision. Now, I use photography to capture and display an ongoing exploration of the human essence, body and form. 

I look at images and bodies more like a sculptor than a photographer. My camera is a tool to sculpt the body in ways the naked eye can not comprehend.

I explore the concept of creating shapes and forms, with and within our bodies, that can only be seen when you stop looking through the eyes of the public. I capture raw lines, calm movement and natural distortion. These patterns represent the transformation we all go through when we learn to close the eyes around us and open our own.

By developing close relationships with my subjects, I create an environment where there is room for organic vulnerability. I believe nudity should not be innately sexualised, and facilitate a safe-space to ensure my models can view their own body in a new light. 


GUP NEW Talent of the Year Award 2020 FINALIST


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