3 hour shoot in my studio in Alkmaar, NL

8 edited photos in my signature style, specifically for you.

I will provide a safe space where you can explore the art within your body on your own terms.

€300 in total

The purpose of this shoot is to change the way you experience your body. I want to give the opportunity to create with your body without the influence of the perception, opinions and judgement you have when you look at it. What if you see your human form for what it is? A form. And take the time to create something with that form in all openness and honesty.


I truly believe that when we learn to view ourselves as works of art, we will treat ourselves, and the ones around us, with much more love and empathy.

"Sara's style of shooting allowed to explore different body positions that I was not used to committing to. With these photoshoot there was an openness within my mental which allowed me to be present in the full embodiment of what was to be captured.

This has definitely shaped my dance in terms of how I can approach it with a certain freedom without fear of judgment and just pure appreciation."

"My experience modelling for this amazing artist was nothing but special. Apart from her talent which results in the most beautiful and intriguing pictures. I think her ability to make you feel comfortable and seen in the most caring and respectable way, makes it all the more special.

She is capable of creating a safe and playful space where she allows both herself and her model to explore different ways of making art with the human form. 
She’s open for input and really makes it about the collaboration. She takes her time to connect with you, to listen to you, before diving into the actual shoot. 

I never expected to feel so relaxed and at ease with myself walking and moving around bare naked in front of a camera. 
But I am sooooo happy that I summed up the courage to allow myself this experience.

This shoot has helped me to accept myself, it has given me an opportunity to allow myself to let go of insecurities and to trust another person with something as fragile and vulnerable as my unclothed self. 

She made it possible to view myself in a way I wasn’t able to on my own. She gave me a new perspective by showing me that my body isn’t something to be ashamed of. But rather a piece of art that I should be proud of. And I will be forever grateful for this experience."

"I went into the shoot trying to have as little expectations as possible. But to be honest, in the back of my head I still had an idea of what I wanted the photos to be: beautiful - but in a very restricted sense. The kind of pictures that highlight only my sweet spots, the ones that appear in magazines, the ones that would make me look pretty by mainstream definition. 

We started shooting and as we loosened up to each other Sara suggested all kinds of poses that didn’t seem particularly flattering to me. But I decided to just trust her with it.

I noticed some discomfort within me, because I was so used to taking pictures of myself with my belly sucked in, my back arched and my butt popping out. Now here I was, bending over in weird ways, stretching over chairs, belly rolls showing - my body just being my body. We created shapes, we played with shadows, we used my body in ways I had never even thought of before.

When I left the studio I felt quite emotional and conflicted. Why had I been forcing my body into the same poses for so many years? Why are bodies so quickly and frequently seen as sexual? Why do we place so many expectations and judgements on them? Why are bodies not just seen as beautiful shells we get to live in, vehicles that help us do all the things we love to do? How can I challenge myself to appreciate my body just as it is?

When she sent me the pictures, the ones that touched me most were not the “pretty” ones I had imagined beforehand. Those that struck me were the strange ones, the unusual ones. Sara made me see my body with less judgemental, more curious, more loving eyes.

Thank you for that, Sara."

Copyright @ 2020 by Sara Punt. All rights reserved.