3 hour shoot in my studio in Alkmaar, NL

6 edited photos in my signature style, specifically for you.

I will provide a safe space where you can explore the art within your body on your own terms.

The purpose of this shoot is to explore your human body not only for what it is; an ever-changing, living, breathing form that’s wrapped in skin - but also explore all the things it could possibly become.

We often perceive ourselves, our bodies, others and the world, not as it is, but through the eyes of who we think we are supposed to be. All of our experiences, thoughts, beliefs, insecurities, and trauma create a filter through which we view our existence. By holding on to this filter, we often start to feel completely lost in our own human form. Does it make sense to keep this filter intact and rigid once we realize this truth? I offer a safe space where you can let go of that filter, so you can explore yourself as piece of art you truly are.


My shoots always start with an open and honest conversation which will inspire what we will capture next. During the shoot I will guide you while we take apart and abstract the naked body. Which in turn will give you the chance to take apart the filter that you have carried with you all this time, and gives you the opportunity to see yourself in a different light.

For more information about this shoot, please email me!