After not being able to present my work for months because of the pandemic, it was truly amazing to actually see my photos framed on a wall again. It was amazing to see your reactions, to talk to you and finally connect again in real life at Fresh Eyes Photo Fair. Thank you so much to everyone who visited and showed support, for the good conversations and the love. Thank you to everyone who bought prints, i'm grateful you choose my work to be in your homes. And last but not least, thank you for the entire team. You set up this fair in less than 5 weeks, and did an amazing job!

Unfortunately, the 6 Talents exhibition had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. But Kahmann Gallery made sure that you still have the chance to view our work, including work that haven't been presented yet, in an online exhibition!

The online exhibition consists of works from Joep Hijwegen, Lotte Ekkel, David Hummelen, Ana Zibelnik. Victoire Eouzan and myself, Sara Punt.

Go to to check it out!

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