Unfortunately, the 6 Talents exhibition had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. But Kahmann Gallery made sure that you still have the chance to view our work, including work that haven't been presented yet, in an online exhibition!

The online exhibition consists of works from Joep Hijwegen, Lotte Ekkel, David Hummelen, Ana Zibelnik. Victoire Eouzan and myself, Sara Punt.

Go to kahmanngallery.com/young-talent-show to check it out!

I got the chance to shoot the new collection for Daily Paper. A brand really love myself! It was super interesting to work with actual clothes and shoot with the focus on the brand instead of just the human body. I learned so much from doing this and had an amazing team with me to help me step out of my comfort zone!

Models: Terence Munzemba @officialtmzz - Safi Niang @safiniang - Tiana Bryant @tianabrynt - Marisa Langley @larisamangley

Styling: Porsche Little @notyourbabyporsch

MUA: Saida Galadi @saidasplanet

Photography: Sara Punt @sarapuntcom

Clothes: Daily Paper @dailypaper

A short recap video of my first ever exhibition! It was an honor to present my work at Haute Photographie Rotterdam. Thank you to everyone who came by to support, the whole team and everyone who bought a print!